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Stable Audio Prompts

Here is the full list of the audio prompts you can copy and paste:

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  • "Folk, Spring Awakening, Acoustic Guitar, Vibrant Flute, Handclaps, Joyous Dance, 120 BPM."

  • "Ska, Street Parade, Brass Section, Energetic Drums, Sunshine Fiesta, 126 BPM."

  • "Jazz, Morning Coffee, Bubbly Piano, Uplifting Sax, City Wake-up, 130 BPM."

  • "Country, Barnyard Jubilee, Cheerful Banjo, Harmonica, Hay Bale Hop, 115 BPM."

  • "Pop, Birthday Bash, Bright Synths, Catchy Chorus, Celebratory Balloons, 125 BPM."

  • "Reggae, Beach Bonfire, Groovy Bass, Happy Chords, Island Laughter, 100 BPM."

  • "Tropical House, Pool Party, Summer Vibes, Radiant Melodies, Refreshing Splash, 110 BPM."

  • "Bluegrass, Mountain Picnic, Fiddle, Mandolin, Nature's Joy, 120 BPM."

  • "Classical, Garden Waltz, Playful Strings, Fluttering Woodwinds, Sunshine Pirouette, 115 BPM."

  • "Boogie, Roller Rink, Electric Piano, Upbeat Bass, Skating Smiles, 128 BPM."


  • "Symphonic Metal, Dragon's Flight, Soaring Vocals, Electric Guitar, Mythical Power, 140 BPM."

  • "Electronic, Neon Warriors, Synthwave, Cyber Battle, Future Standoff, 130 BPM."

  • "Orchestral, Titan's March, Thunderous Percussion, Majestic Horns, Immortal Anthem, 90 BPM."

  • "Rock, Desert Convoy, Gritty Vocals, Powerful Riffs, Sandstorm Surge, 120 BPM."

  • "Cinematic, Galactic Odyssey, Space Strings, Cosmic Choir, Star Cruiser, 110 BPM."

  • "Choir, Divine Battle, Angelic vs Demonic, Cathedral Echoes, Spiritual Clash, 85 BPM."

  • "Techno, Underground Revolution, Pounding Beats, Laser Synths, Dance Rebellion, 128 BPM."

  • "Opera, Heroic Aria, Tenor Solo, Orchestra Swell, Triumph & Tragedy, 100 BPM."

  • "Punk, City Riot, Fast Drums, Rebellious Guitar, Anarchic Surge, 145 BPM."

  • "Dance, Festival Headliner, Massive Drops, Crowd Roar, Night's Apex, 130 BPM."


  • "Orchestral, Dawn's First Light, Sweeping Strings, Rising Horns, New Day's Promise, 80 BPM."

  • "Acoustic, Mountain Summit, Bright Guitar, Gentle Flute, Nature's Majesty, 110 BPM."

  • "Pop Rock, Graduation Day, Energetic Drums, Uplifting Chorus, Future Awaits, 125 BPM."

  • "Gospel, Spiritual Rise, Angelic Voices, Organ Crescendo, Ascending Souls, 90 BPM."

  • "Electronic, Dream Chaser, Etheric Synths, Pulsating Beats, Sky's Limit, 128 BPM."

  • "Jazz, New Horizons, Spirited Trumpet, Groovy Bass, Uncharted Journeys, 115 BPM."

  • "Classical, Hopeful Ballet, Delicate Harp, Soaring Violins, Graceful Future, 88 BPM."

  • "Country, Homeward Bound, Warm Guitar, Harmonious Vocals, Family Reunion, 104 BPM."

  • "Ambient, Cosmic Reverie, Ethereal Pads, Distant Echoes, Galactic Wonders, 75 BPM."

  • "Folk Rock, Adventure Calls, Spirited Mandolin, Rolling Drums, Quest Ahead, 122 BPM."


  • "Techno, Neon Rave, Pounding Drums, Laser Synths, Electric Night, 140 BPM."

  • "Rockabilly, Retro Revival, Twangy Guitar, Upright Bass, Jive Fever, 130 BPM."

  • "Latin, Salsa Street Party, Quick Percussion, Fiery Trumpet, Dance Frenzy, 126 BPM."

  • "Pop, Summer Festival, Catchy Hooks, Synth Leads, Crowd Excitement, 120 BPM."

  • "Bluegrass, River Rapid Ride, Banjo Picking, Fiddle, Rafting Adventure, 134 BPM."

  • "DnB, Urban Sprint, Fast Beats, Pulsating Bass, City Race, 175 BPM."

  • "Funk, Club Groove, Slap Bass, Wah Guitar, Dance Fever, 110 BPM."

  • "Punk, Garage Jam, Fast and Raw, Electric Frenzy, Mosh Energy, 160 BPM."

  • "Disco, Mirrorball Spin, Groovy Bass, Energetic Strings, Dancefloor Magic, 115 BPM."

  • "Reggaeton, Beach Dance Off, Dembow Rhythm, Hot Melodies, Sand Party, 105 BPM."


  • "Orchestral, Stormy Seas, Violin Cry, Thundering Timpani, Heart's Turmoil, 95 BPM."

  • "Piano Solo, Rainy Window, Melancholic Melodies, Drops of Sorrow, Reflective Moments, 80 BPM."

  • "Rock, Heartbreak Hotel, Soulful Vocals, Emotional Guitar, Love's Despair, 90 BPM."

  • "Opera, Tragic Romance, Soprano Lament, Orchestra's Sympathy, Lost Love, 100 BPM."

  • "Jazz, Late Night Lounge, Sultry Sax, Double Bass, Mood's Intensity, 70 BPM."

  • "RnB, Tearful Goodbye, Soulful Groove, Heartfelt Vocals, Love's Regret, 85 BPM."

  • "Acoustic, Fallen Leaves, Gentle Strumming, Flute's Whisper, Seasons Change, 78 BPM."

  • "Blues, Delta Despair, Gravely Vocals, Harmonica's Pain, Hope's Horizon, 65 BPM."

  • "Cinematic, War's Aftermath, Mournful Strings, Solo Horn, Battlefield Memories, 76 BPM."

  • "Choral, Ancient Cathedral, Gregorian Chants, Echoing Walls, Time's Weight, 60 BPM."


  • "Ambient, Moonlit Forest, Gentle Pads, Soft Crickets, Nature's Whisper, 70 BPM."

  • "Jazz, Rooftop Lounge, Laid-back Trumpet, Smooth Bass, City's Lullaby, 90 BPM."

  • "Acoustic, Lakeside Retreat, Tranquil Guitar, Gentle Harp, Sunset Reflections, 75 BPM."

  • "RnB, Velvet Night, Silky Vocals, Relaxed Beat, Starry Serenade, 80 BPM."

  • "Classical, Afternoon Siesta, Flute Sonata, Cello's Embrace, Gentle Breeze, 65 BPM."

  • "Reggae, Island Hammock, Mellow Guitar, Soft Percussion, Beach Relaxation, 72 BPM."

  • "Trip Hop, Urban Dreams, Slow Groove, Echoing Melodies, Midnight Thoughts, 78 BPM."

  • "Country, Porch Swing, Gentle Banjo, Harmonica's Sigh, Golden Hour, 74 BPM."

  • "Lo-fi, Rainy Study, Chill Beats, Soft Piano, Book's Embrace, 82 BPM."

  • "World, Andean Heights, Pan Flute, Gentle Drums, Mountain Meditation, 70 BPM."


  • "Vaudeville, Circus Act, Tuba Bounce, Xylophone, Clown Antics, 115 BPM."

  • "Klezmer, Street Festival, Lively Clarinet, Accordion, Dance of Joy, 128 BPM."

  • "Bluegrass, Chicken Chase, Banjo Romp, Fiddle, Barnyard Hustle, 140 BPM."

  • "Retro, TV Game Show, Trumpet Fanfare, Groovy Organ, Prize Wheel Spin, 130 BPM."

  • "Jazz, Cat's Night Out, Plucky Double Bass, Sax, Alley Adventures, 120 BPM."

  • "Ska, Monkey Business, Upbeat Brass, Guitar Skank, Jungle Jive, 126 BPM."

  • "Pop, Alien Disco, Theremin, Synth Pop Beat, Intergalactic Boogie, 128 BPM."

  • "Polka, Fairground Carousel, Accordion, Tuba, Merry-go-round Magic, 132 BPM."

  • "Novelty, Toy Factory, Music Box, Whistles, Production Line Antics, 124 BPM."

  • "Surf Rock, Penguin Beach Party, Twangy Guitar, Drums, Arctic Surf's Up, 135 BPM."


  • "Classical, Meadow's Dawn, Soft Strings, Woodwind Melodies, Nature's Ballet, 60 BPM."

  • "Ambient, Starry Expanse, Ethereal Pads, Cosmic Calm, Galaxy Drift, 68 BPM."

  • "Acoustic, Creek Side, Gentle Guitar, Soft Flute, Water's Lullaby, 74 BPM."

  • "Jazz, Midnight Serenity, Soft Saxophone, Double Bass Purr, Moonlit Thoughts, 70 BPM."

  • "Cinematic, Snowfall, Piano's Caress, Gentle Strings, Winter's Embrace, 64 BPM."

  • "New Age, Tibetan Plateau, Pan Flutes, Soft Drums, Meditation Bliss, 72 BPM."

  • "Orchestral, Morning Mist, Harp Glissando, Soft Horns, Dawn's Serenity, 66 BPM."

  • "World, Sahara Dreams, Oud, Slow Percussion, Desert's Mystique, 76 BPM."

  • "Folk, Homestead Lullaby, Dulcimer, Gentle Vocals, Night's Embrace, 70 BPM."

  • "Chillhop, Urban Zen, Soft Beats, Smooth Bass, City Meditation, 78 BPM."


  • "Classical, Ballroom Waltz, Violin Romance, Piano, Candlelit Dance, 90 BPM."

  • "RnB, Candlelit Dinner, Silky Vocals, Soft Groove, Love's Embrace, 78 BPM."

  • "Jazz, Riverside Date, Mellow Trumpet, Double Bass, Moonlit Serenade, 85 BPM."

  • "Country, Starry Campfire, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonious Vocals, Heart's Yearning, 80 BPM."

  • "Bolero, Seaside Serenade, Sensual Rhythms, Passionate Guitar, Ocean's Lure, 85 BPM."

  • "Acoustic, Meadow Picnic, Gentle Guitar, Violin, Love's Whispers, 74 BPM."

  • "Pop, Moonlit Stroll, Soft Synths, Heartfelt Vocals, City Love, 82 BPM."

  • "Opera, Love's Duet, Tender Aria, Orchestra's Sigh, Passion's Peak, 88 BPM."

  • "Bossanova, Coastal Rendezvous, Soft Guitar, Percussion, Sunset Romance, 92 BPM."

  • "Folk, Cabin Retreat, Dulcimer, Soft Vocals, Wilderness Love, 76 BPM."


  • "Metal, Thunderous Wrath, Heavy Guitars, Growling Vocals, Raging Storm, 160 BPM."

  • "Punk, Street Revolt, Raw Drums, Anarchic Guitar, City's Defiance, 150 BPM."

  • "Hip-Hop, Urban Battle, Aggressive Beats, Fiery Rhymes, Territory Lines, 95 BPM."

  • "Hard Rock, Desert Showdown, Distorted Riffs, Drums, Sands of Rage, 140 BPM."

  • "Electronic, Industrial Grind, Distorted Synths, Mechanical Pulse, Factory Fury, 130 BPM."

  • "Orchestral, Gladiator Arena, Bold Horns, Thundering Percussion, Fight for Honor, 105 BPM."

  • "Blues, Swamp Vengeance, Raspy Vocals, Slide Guitar, Bayou's Retribution, 110 BPM."

  • "Drum and Bass, Neon Chase, Rapid Beats, Pulsing Bass, Futuristic Pursuit, 175 BPM."

  • "Dubstep, Cybernetic Uprising, Wobbling Bass, Synth Stabs, AI's Rebellion, 145 BPM."

  • "Rock, Biker's Quest, Gritty Guitars, Steady Beat, Highway Revenge, 120 BPM."


  • "Cinematic, Midnight Manor, Eerie Strings, Soft Choir, Haunting Secrets, 90 BPM."

  • "Electronic, Cyberpunk Alley, Pulsing Synths, Shadowy Beats, Neon Mysteries, 128 BPM."

  • "Orchestral, Forest Shadows, Whispering Winds, Ominous Bass, Creatures Lurking, 85 BPM."

  • "Ambient, Lunar Eclipse, Ethereal Voices, Cosmic Unease, Celestial Phenomenon, 70 BPM."

  • "Jazz, Foggy Wharf, Muted Trumpet, Upright Bass, Harbor's Secret, 75 BPM."

  • "Blues, Crossroads Deal, Raspy Vocals, Haunting Harmonica, Soul's Bargain, 80 BPM."

  • "Rock, Abandoned Factory, Distorted Guitar, Echoing Vocals, Industrial Echoes, 95 BPM."

  • "World, Ritual Dance, Exotic Percussion, Chants, Tribal Secrets, 100 BPM."

  • "Opera, Phantom's Lair, Deep Bass, Sinister Orchestra, Catacombs' Melody, 88 BPM."

  • "Trip Hop, Rainy Metropolis, Slow Groove, Sax, City's Underbelly, 78 BPM."


  • "Classical, Rainy Funeral, Soft Strings, Solo Oboe, Tears from Heaven, 60 BPM."

  • "Acoustic, Loneliness Room, Gentle Guitar, Whispering Vocals, Heart's Echo, 70 BPM."

  • "Jazz, Empty Bar, Solo Sax, Double Bass, Late Night Reminiscence, 65 BPM."

  • "Orchestral, Lost Kingdom, Mournful Horns, Slow Drums, Empire's Fall, 75 BPM."

  • "Blues, Distant Love, Soulful Vocals, Sad Harmonica, Longing's Weight, 55 BPM."

  • "Country, Deserted Farm, Soft Banjo, Harmonica, Fields of Regret, 72 BPM."

  • "Ambient, Polar Solitude, Icy Pads, Wind Gusts, Frozen Desolation, 68 BPM."

  • "Pop, Breakup Avenue, Soft Synths, Melancholic Vocals, Love's End, 80 BPM."

  • "Folk, Mountain's Sigh, Dulcimer, Flute, Nature's Melancholy, 74 BPM."

  • "Cinematic, War's Remembrance, Soft Choir, Tapping Rain, Battlefield's Memory, 62 BPM."